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Raziol CLF 25 series


(Special lubricants for electrical contact production)


The evaporating special lubricants of the Raziol CLF 25 ... series have been specifically developed for the production of electrical contact materials and are used by renowned manufacturers.

The alloying elements ensure optimum transfer resistance, even after lengthy periods in intermediate storage. When working with high stroke rates, surface quality and dimensional tolerance are nevertheless guaranteed. This product is a long-life, lubricant which contains no chlorinated addtitives. For copper, brass and sheet metals with gold and silver plating. Raziol CLF 25 E evaporates at conventional tool temperatures and leaves very little residue. The flash point for the Raziol CLF 25… series has been set to ensure that none of the products from this range are subject to hazardous materials regulations.

They may therefore be transported under simplified conditions. All products of the CLF 25 ... series are subject to the 31st Federal Emissions Control Act.


Raziol forming lubricants - Raziol CLF 25 seriesRaziol forming lubricants - Raziol CLF 25 series