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Process & Technology Center "ProTec"


ProTec - The Process & Technology Center HERU established in 2014 in Grevenbrück Lennestadt.
The affiliated Technology Association is made up of 12 partner companies within the metalworking industry, all committed to the pursuit of optimising complex production processes for their stamping and forming technology customers.


An events facility in Lennestadt Grevenbrück offers the opportunity of viewing the permanent exhibition area and the exhibits of supporting project partners. The absolute highlight, however, is the new Schuler servo press (MSD 630) which was installed to provide a demonstrative representation of optimised production processes. As a systems and process partner of “ProTec”, Raziol complements the servo press system with an application system of the Raziol Basic Line (SKT-B).
The SKT-B spray chamber system represents the standard configuration of Raziol spray chamber systems and is ideally suited for one-sided / double-sided, full surface or sectoral lubrication of coil material. This system consists of a spray chamber housing with integrated spraying fixtures featuring up to 19 nozzles on each nozzle bar. Fitted with a holding fixture, the nozzle bars are secured onto a telescopically-retractable drawer which may be extracted from the side of the chamber for maintenance purposes. In our role as project partner, Raziol are provided the opportunity to profit from the spacious premises of the HERU tool manufacturer in the new ProTec Process & Technology Center to conduct training courses and to hold presentations.


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ProTec exhibition area with Raziol sector lubrication system in the ProTec events facility, LennestadtRaziol sector lubrication systemOpening ceremony for the Process & Technology Center in LennestadtProTec launch eventProTec Raziol Zibulla & Sohn GmbH system supplier and project partner Process Technology Center HERU in LennestadtBusiness Management & Sales ManagementRaziol Basic Line spray lubrication system complements the Schuler servo press system, LennestadtBasic Line spray lubrication system


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