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The Raziol Academy


Originally established as staff training, our lubricant training courses in our Raziol Academy have quickly developed into high-quality customer events for practitioners, which are in terms of content combined of sophisticated lectures, practical application examples and highly qualified speakers from the lubricant industry.


Raziol Academy lubricantsRaziol Academy lubricantsRaziol Academy application technology


Raziol Academy lubricant

Which lubricant is best suited for which requirement? What are the quality characteristics of lubricants? Which new provisions must I observe as a system operator or practitioner? These and other questions will be answered in our lubricant training course for practitioners. Gain an insight into the chemical composition of lubricants, the effects of additives and the test methods for lubricant development. Moreover, you will obtain up-to-date and relevant information regarding current legislation.


 Raziol Academy application technologyRaziol Academy application technology

Raziol Academy application technology

Contact lubrication or non-contact lubrication? Which is most suitable, and with which system can the best results be attained? As part of our free training course, our technical specialists will guide you through the basic principles of state-of-the-art application technology for forming media. Furthermore, you will obtain an understanding of the layout and functioning of application systems.


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