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Chlorinated forming oils

 For very heavy forming operations


Raziol chlorine-containing forming oils consist of specially selected basic oils with high-performance, chlorine-containing additives. The chlorine content ranges from approx. 18 – 29 weight percent.


Dependent of the application area, a different level of viscosity can be selected to ensure the best possible adaptation to the forming process. Application areas range from tapping, precision blanking up to the most exacting forming jobs of high-alloy materials. Raziol WKZ has been developed for the commissioning of new tools etc. Its selected additive combination results in an improvement of the tool's contact pattern. For workshop requirements, Raziol WKZ 2000 is also offered in spray cans (see brochure "Special-purpose products").


 Raziol forming lubricants - Chlorinated forming lubricantsRaziol forming lubricants - Chlorinated forming lubricants