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Blank lubricator system, type SA-BSKS PS1900 38-100 T0 M1PP 2100 42-100 T0 M1

Technical data

  • Lubrication of blank top side and/or underside
  • Blank length in DLR 100 - 700 mm
  • Blank width across DLR 350 - 1850 mm
  • Width per lubrication sector 100 mm
  • Transport speed max. 3.4 m/min.
  • Application quantity 0.8 g/m² to 5 g/m²

Special features

  • Installation within customer blank system onto a height-adjustable console
  • Narrow blanks (across DLR) are conveyed in pairs
  • Representation of blank pairs (in DLR one after the other) as a single blank
  • Nozzle bar can be pulled out for maintenance